miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Painter: Lichtenstein Roy. 60's works part 6

1962 - man with foldedarms (Cezanne)

1962 - non objective

1962 - port m cezanne

1962 - refrigerator

1962 - sock

Music: Ghinzu. High Voltage Queen

Music: Ghinzu. The dragster Wave

Music: Tom Barman. Le poinçonneur des Lilas. Serge Gainsbourg cover

Music: Tom Barman and Guy Van Nueten

Music: Magnus. Summer's Here (from The Body Gave You Everything)

Music: Tom Barman. The Real Sugar

Music: Gorky. Mia

Music: Absynthe Minded. Silent Song

La vida en un monasterio medieval

Music: Absynthe Minded. My Heroics. Part One

Music: Noordkaap. Satelliet S.U.Z.Y.

Music: Monza. Van God Los

Painter: Lichtenstein Roy. 60's works part 5

1962 - brattata

1962 - George Washington

1962 - Golf Ball

1962 - in

1962 - live ammo

Painter: Lichtenstein Roy. 60's works part 4

1961 - washing machin

1961 - Wimpy (Tweet)

1962 - 1962 - the grip

1962 - art

1962 - Baked Potato

Medicine: 3D animation. Vaginal Childbirth (Birth)

Medicine: 3D animation. Pulmonary Embolism.

Music: George Winston. Thanksgiving

Painter: Ingres Jean Auguste Part 3

Alexander Baillie

Alexis Rene Le Go

Amedee David Comte de Pastoret

Andre Benoit Barrea called Taurel


Music: Curtis Mayfield. Oh So Beautiful

Music: Curtis Mayfield. Dirty Laundry

Music: Ahmad Jamal. The World is a Ghetto.

Painter: Lichtenstein Roy. 60's works part 3

1961 - Popeye

1961 - Roto Broil

1961 - Step on

1961 - Turkey

1961 - Turkey bn

Music: Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone. Tango. Milonga

The Milonga is a time, a rythm. The Milonga comes of the south of Argentina, is a recitative kind of music that included poetry.

La milonga es un tiempo, un ritmo. La Milonga viene del sur de Argentina, es una especie de recitativo de música que incluye la poesía.

Music: Gary Burton and Makoto Ozone. Afro Blue

This "Latino American" music (That clasification is so general, as you will say: saxony music, what does it mean??) is full of Argentine rythms like milonga and tango, (for example), deformed with a jazz conception, but the spirit of this is argentine folk. Remember, Gary has played music with Piazzolla, that's was who impressed him.
Gary Burton, in Argentine, is a idol.

Esta música "Latino-Americana" (Esta clasificación es muy general, como si dijeras: la música Sajona, ¿qué significa?) Está lleno de ritmos argentinos como la milonga y tango, (por ejemplo), deformado, con una concepción del jazz, pero el espíritu de esto es folklore argentino. Recuerde, Gary ha tocado con Piazzolla, que fue quien le impresionó.
Gary Burton, en la Argentina, es un ídolo.

Music: Yusef Lateef. You've Changed

Music: Ahmad Jamal. Spartacus love theme

Music: Ahmad Jamal. I Love Music

Painter: Redgrave Richard. Part 1

Richard Redgrave

Strayed Lambs

The Emigrant's Last Sight of Home

The Outcast by Richard Redgrave, RA. 1851. Oil on canvas, 31 x 41 inches. Royal Academy of the Arts, London.

Young Lady Bountiful

Richard Redgrave( Clic Here Wiki) RA (30 April 1804 - 14 December 1888) was an English artist.

Well Spring Carafe, 1847-1851 designed by Richard Redgrave V&A Museum no. 4503-1901

He worked at first as a designer. He became a student in the Royal Academy Schools in 1826, and was elected an Associate in 1840 and an Academician in 1851 (retired, 1882). His Gulliver on the Farmers Table (1837) made his reputation as a painter.

Redgrave was an assiduous painter of landscape and genre; his best pictures being Country Cousins (1848), The Return of Olivia (1848), The Sempstress (1844) and Well Spring in the Forest (1865).

He began in 1847 a connection with the Government Art Schools which lasted for a long term of years, and among other posts he held those of inspector-general of art in the Science and Art Department, and art director of the South Kensington Museum. He was greatly instrumental in the establishment of this institution, and he claimed the credit of having secured the Sheepshanks and Ellison gifts for the nation.

He was Surveyor of the Queen's Pictures 1856-1880.

Music: Sun Ra. That's How I Feel

Painter: Lichtenstein Roy. 60's works part 2

1961 - Girl with ball

1961 - I can see

1961 - Keds

1961 - Laughing cat

1961 - Look mickey

Music: Sun Ra. Angels and Demons at Play

Music: Sun RaAngels and Demons at Play

Music: Sun Ra Arkestra. Shadow World. West Berlin

I really like the Sun Ra Arkestra, are in another area of music, and if you see something rare in their attitude, your assessment is wrong. Believe me, they're doing great music. Sun Ra opened some keywords on jazz, for example.

Me gusta mucho la Sun Ra Arkestra, están en otro ámbito de la música, y si ves algo raro en su actitud, su evaluación es incorrecta. Créeme, que están haciendo gran música. Sun Ra abrió algunas keywords en el jazz, por ejemplo.