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Painter: Salvador Dali - In historical order - En el orden histórico - 1935-40 - Part 2 - 26 images imagenes - Links

1 Salvador Dali 
Soft Construction with Boiled Beans - Premonition of Civil War, 1936

2 Salvador Dali The Pharmacist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing, 1936

3 Salvador Dali Sun Table, 1936

4 Salvador Dali Three Young Surrealistic Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra, 1936

5 Salvador Dali White Calm, 1936

6 Salvador Dali Cover of 'Minotaure' Magazine, 1936

7 Salvador Dali The Man with the Head of Blue Hortensias, 1936

8 Salvador Dali Night and Day Clothes, 1936

9 Salvador Dali Suburbs of a Paranoiac-Critical Town_ Afternoon on the Outskirts of European History, 1936

10 Salvador Dali Man with His Head Full of Clouds, 1936

11 Salvador Dali Morphological Echo, 1936

12 Salvador Dali Head of a Woman in the Form of a Battle, 1936

13 Salvador Dali Singularities (Singularitats), circa 1936

14 Salvador Dalí Landscape with Girl Skipping Rope, 1936

15 Salvador Dalí Ampurdanese Yang and Yin, 1936

16 Salvador Dalí Woman with Drawers, 1936

17 Salvador Dalí Decalcomania, 1936

18 Salvador Dalí The Ants, 1936-37

19 Salvador Dalí The Forgotten Horizon, 1936

20 Salvador Dalí The Fossilized Automobile of Cape Creus, 1936

21 Salvador Dalí Ant Face. Drawing for the Catalogue Jacket of DalH's Exhibition at the Alex Reid and Lefevre Gal

22 Salvador Dalí Necrophiliac Springtime, 1936

23 Salvador Dalí A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano, 1936

24 Surrealist Composition with Invisible Figures (second version of 'Rocks of LlanN'), circa 1936

25 Salvador Dalí Hypnagogic Monument, 1936

26 Salvador Dalí South (Noon), 1936

Painter: Salvador Dali - In historical order - En el orden histórico - 1935-40 - Part 2 - 26 images imagenes - Links





Poetry: William Blake - Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience - The little black boy - The blossom - The chimney-sweeper - Links


My mother bore me in the southern wild,
And I am black, but O my soul is white!
White as an angel is the English child,
But I am black, as if bereaved of light.

My mother taught me underneath a tree,
And, sitting down before the heat of day,
She took me on her lap and kissed me,
And, pointing to the East, began to say:

‘Look on the rising sun:  there God does live,
And gives His light, and gives His heat away,
And flowers and trees and beasts and men receive
Comfort in morning, joy in the noonday.

‘And we are put on earth a little space,
That we may learn to bear the beams of love;
And these black bodies and this sunburnt face
Are but a cloud, and like a shady grove.

‘For, when our souls have learned the heat to bear,
The cloud will vanish, we shall hear His voice,
Saying, “Come out from the grove, my love and care,
And round my golden tent like lambs rejoice.” ’

Thus did my mother say, and kissed me,
And thus I say to little English boy.
When I from black, and he from white cloud free,
And round the tent of God like lambs we joy,

I’ll shade him from the heat till he can bear
To lean in joy upon our Father’s knee;
And then I’ll stand and stroke his silver hair,
And be like him, and he will then love me.


Merry, merry sparrow!
Under leaves so green
A happy blossom
Sees you, swift as arrow,
Seek your cradle narrow,
Near my bosom.
Pretty, pretty robin!
Under leaves so green
A happy blossom
Hears you sobbing, sobbing,
Pretty, pretty robin,
Near my bosom.


When my mother died I was very young,
And my father sold me while yet my tongue
Could scarcely cry ‘Weep! weep! weep! weep!’
So your chimneys I sweep, and in soot I sleep.

There’s little Tom Dacre, who cried when his head,
That curled like a lamb’s back, was shaved; so I said,
‘Hush, Tom! never mind it, for, when your head’s bare,
You know that the soot cannot spoil your white hair.’

And so he was quiet, and that very night,
As Tom was a-sleeping, he had such a sight!—
That thousands of sweepers, Dick, Joe, Ned, and Jack,
Were all of them locked up in coffins of black.

And by came an angel, who had a bright key,
And he opened the coffins, and set them all free;
Then down a green plain, leaping, laughing, they run
And wash in a river, and shine in the sun.

Then naked and white, all their bags left behind,
They rise upon clouds, and sport in the wind:
And the angel told Tom, if he’d be a good boy,
He’d have God for his father, and never want joy.

And so Tom awoke, and we rose in the dark,
And got with our bags and our brushes to work.
Though the morning was cold, Tom was happy and warm:
So, if all do their duty, they need not fear harm.

Poetry: William Blake - Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience - The little black boy - The blossom - The chimney-sweeper - Links 

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Aldo Sessa  Pintor en el barrio de La Boca - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Aldo Sessa  

Aldo Sessa 
Obelisco - Buenos Aires 

Obelisco Buenos Aires


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Riachuelo - La Boca - Buenos Aires

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La Boca

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Estación terminal de trenes en Buenos Aires

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Aldo Sessa 
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