sábado, 10 de octubre de 2009

Painter: Canaletto Giovanni Antonio Canadle (1697 - 1768) Part 2

Capitol Square in Rome. c. 1749. Oil on canvas. Szepmuveseti Muzeum, Budapest, Hungary.

Capriccio of Colonade and the Courtyard of a Palace. 1765. Oil on canvas. Municipality of Venice

Capriccio Ruins and Classic Buildings. 1730s. Oil on canvas. Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan, Italy

Capriccio the Horses of San Marco in the Piazzetta. 1743. Oil on canvas. Royal Collection, UK

Capriccio the Ponte della Pescaria and Buildings on the Quay. 1742-4. Oil on canvas.

Photos: G M B Akash. Take Me Home serie


Hong Kong lights, Luces de Hong Kong

Music: The Feelers. Fishing For Lisa

Pop of New Zealand

Music: The Feelers. Pretty Place

Music: The Pixies. Were is my mind

Music: Regina Spektor. The Call

Music: Regina Spektor. Laughing With (Official Music Video)

Painter: Burne Jones. Sir Edward. Part 2

Saint George 1873-77

Portrait of a boy

the prince enters the forest

The doom fulfilled


Music: The Beatles. Real Love

Music: The Beatles. Let it be

Music: The Beatles. Hard Day's Night

Music: The Beatles. Yesterday

Music: The Beatles. Here comes the sun

Music: The Beatles. Don't let me down

Music: The Beatles. And I love her

Painter: De Chirico Giorgio (1888 - 1978) Part 2

The Anguish of Departure

The Archaeologists

The Awakening of Ariadne

The Child's Brain

The Conquest of the Philosopher

The Disturbing Muses

The Great Metaphysician