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Music: The Dubliners - Whiskey On A Sunday - All For Me Grog - Lyrics

The Dubliners- Whiskey On A Sunday

Come day go day,
Whishing in me heart it was Sunday,
Drinking buttermilk all the week,
Whiskey on a Sunday.

He sits on the corner of Beggars Bush,
Astride of an old packing case,
And the dolls on the end of the plank were dancing,
As the crooned with a smile on his face,

His tired old hands from the wooden beam
And the puppets they danced up and down
A far better show you ever will see;
In the fanciest theatre in town

But in 1902 old Step Daly died,
His song it was heard no more,
The three dancing dolls in the dust were thrown
And the plank went to mend the backdoor.

But on some stormy night if you are passing that way,
With the wind blowing up from the sea,
You can still hear the song of old Step Daly
As he croons to his dancing dolls three. 

The Dubliners- All For Me Grog

And it's all for me grog, me jolly jolly grog
All for me beer and tobacco
Well I've spent all me tin with the lassies drinking
Far across the western ocean I must wander

I'm sick in the head and I haven't been to bed
Since first I came ashore with me plunder
I've seen centipedes and snakes
And my head is full off aches
And I'll have to make a path for way out yonder


Where are me boots, me noggin' noggin' boots
They're all sold for beer and tobacco
You see the sole's were gettin' thin
And the uppers were letting in
And the heels are looking out for better weather


Where is me shirt me noggin' noggin' shirt
It's all gone for beer and tobacco
You see the sleeves they got worn out
And the collar was turned about
And the tail is looking out for better weather


Where is me wife me noggin' noggin' wife
She's all sold for beer and tobacco
You see her front it got worn out
And her tail been kicked about
And I'm sure she's looking out for better weather


Oh, where is me bed me noggin' noggin' bed
It's all sold for beer and tobacco
You see I sold it to the girls
And the springs they got all twirls
And the sheets they're looking out for better weather

Music: The Dubliners - Whiskey On A Sunday - All For Me Grog - Lyrics

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