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Photos - Fotos: Thomas Hoepker - Part 4 - 13 photos - Photo-journalism - Foto-periodismo - Links

Thomas Hoepker 
FRANCE. Nimes. 1999.
Roman arena

Thomas Hoepker 
FRANCE. Paris. 1975. 
Wedding of French_German movie actress Romy SCHNEIDER and Daniel BIASINI

Thomas Hoepker 
Grenada, Caribbean. 
Market at St. George's. Baskets with spices

Thomas Hoepker 
Gšrlitz. 1974. 
Boy with toy gun in the old town

Thomas Hoepker 
HONDURAS. Copan Maya Ruins. 1992. 
Profs. Linda Schele and Nikolai Grube point out to archaeology students a Mayan text found in the ruins

Thomas Hoepker 
INDONESIA. Bali 1965. 
Ketchak dancers (garuda bird) under a Banjan tree

Thomas Hoepker 
IRAN. Isfahan. 1962. 
A peasant kisses the feet of Mohammad Reza Shah PAHLAVI, the Shah of Iran, during a ceremony of distribution of land deeds

Thomas Hoepker 
IRAN. Isfahan. 1962. 
Dignitaries lined up at the airport to greet the Shah of Iran

Thomas Hoepker 
ISRAEL. 1973. 
Salt lake in the Sinai

Thomas Hoepker 
ISRAEL. Jerusalem. 1973. 
Men praying at the Wailing Wall at night. A menorah is in the center

Thomas Hoepker 
Lago Petén. San José. 1997. 
Holy sculls, called Santas Calaveras, are venerated by the Itzá Maya. They are probably the skulls of ancient Mayan kings

Thomas Hoepker 
Lake Atitlan. Panajachel. 1992. 
Maya dancers in tiger costumes

Thomas Hoepker 
Lake Atitlán. San Pablo La Laguna. January 1991. 
A dancer performs the Baile de la Conquista, a dance that mocks the Spaniards, at the annual Fiesta of San Pablo

 Photos - Fotos: Thomas Hoepker - Part 4 - 13 photos - Photo-journalism - Foto-periodismo - Links


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