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Photos - Fotos: Bruno Barbey - Portrait of Poland - Part 1 - Links

Bruno Barbey
1981. Pomerania. Town of Bydgoszcz.
Jan Michalski, bishop of Gniezno commemorating the Polish Constitution

Bruno Barbey
Czestochowa. Open air mass

Bruno Barbey
Inauguration of King Ladislas'statue, erected in 1910, destroyed in 1939 & rebuilt in 1972

Bruno Barbey
Mazovia region, near to Bodzentyn.
A figure of a saint being a sign of popular piety

Bruno Barbey
Mazovia region. City of Warsaw.
The Studio Theater in the Palace of Culture

Bruno Barbey
Mazovia region. Zyrardow.
In a textile factory, during a strike, one of the longest ever held in Poland

Bruno Barbey
Mazovia.City of Warsaw.
Representatives of Church, Party, State & Diplomatic corps during an inaugural ceremony

Bruno Barbey
Mazuria region.
Scarecrows used by the farmers to protect the fruit of their labours

Bruno Barbey
Near Gdansk, at Wejheworo Waistress in a restaurant

Bruno Barbey
Near Krakow.
View of the farming lands. Toiled land plotted in strips equal amount of sunshine

Bruno Barbey
POLAND. 1976.
University of Wroclaw. Professors & students during opening ceremonies. The best ones wear national colors

Bruno Barbey
POLAND. 1981.
Ploughing near the steel factories of Nowa Huta, near Cracow.

Bruno Barbey
POLAND. Bodzentyn, near kielce.
People waiting for bread

Bruno Barbey
POLAND. Cracow.
In the editorial office of the weekly newspaper Solidarnosc. 1981

Bruno Barbey
POLAND. Jurgow, near Zakopane. 1976.
Cardinal going to a village by horse-carriage to attend a First Communion


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Photos - Fotos: Bruno Barbey - Portrait of Poland - Part 1 - Links

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