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Music: Charles Peter Wuorinen - Piano Variations - Links

Charles Wuorinen - Piano Variations

Selected works

    Piano Variations (1963)
    Chamber Concerto for Cello and 10 Players (1963)
    Chamber Concerto for Flute and 10 Players (1964)
    Orchestral and Electronic Exchanges (1965)
    Janissary Music (1966)
    First Piano Concerto (1966)
    Duo for Violin and Piano (1967)
    The Politics of Harmony (1967)
    First Piano Sonata (1969)
    Time's Encomium (1969)
    Contrafactum (1969)
    Chamber Concerto for Tuba with 12 Winds and 12 Drums (1970)
    Grand Bamboula (1971)
    First String Quartet (1972)
    On Alligators (1972)
    Concerto for Amplified Violin and Orchestra (1972)
    Speculum Speculi (1972)
    Third Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1973)
    Arabia Felix (1973)
    Second Piano Concerto – for Amplified Piano and Orchestra (1974)
    The W. of Babylon, a baroque burlesque in two acts (1975)
    A Reliquary for Igor Stravinsky (1975)
    Hyperion (1975)
    Tashi (1975/6)
    Percussion Symphony (1976)
    Second Piano Sonata (1976)
    Six Pieces for Violin and Piano (1977)
    The Winds (1977)
    Fast Fantasy (1977)
    Archaeopteryx for Bass Trombone and 10 Players (1978)
    Two-Part Symphony (1978)
    Fortune (1979)
    Second String Quartet (1979)
    Percussion Duo (1979)
    The Blue Bamboula (1980)
    The Celestial Sphere, an oratorio for chorus and orchestra (1980)
    New York Notes (1982)
    Third Piano Concerto (1983)
    Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra (1983)
    Bamboula Squared (1984)
    Movers and Shakers (1984)
    Crossfire (1984)
    The Golden Dance (1986)
    Third Piano Sonata (1986)
    Five: Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra (1987)
    Sonata for Violin and Piano (1988)
    Genesis for chorus and orchestra (1989)
    String Sextet (1989)
    A Winter's Tale (text by Dylan Thomas; 1991)
    Saxophone Quartet (1992)
    The Mission of Virgil (inspired by scenes from Dante's Inferno;1993)
    Piano Quintet (1994)
    Percussion Quartet (1994)
    The Great Procession (inspired by scenes from Dante's Pugatorio; 1995)
    The River of Light (inspired by scenes from Dante's Paradiso; 1996)
    Symphony Seven (1997)
    Cyclops 2000 for 20 Players (2000)
    Fourth String Quartet (2000)
    Haroun and the Sea of Stories (libretto by James Fenton, based on the novel by Salman Rushdie – 2001)
    Fenton Songs II (poems of James Fenton; 2002)
    Fourth Piano Concerto (2003)
    Ashberyana (texts of John Ashbery; 2004)
    Duo Sonata for flute and piano (2004)
    Theologoumenon for orchestra (2005)
    Eighth Symphony (Theologoumena) (2006)
    Iridule for Oboe and 6 players (2006)
    Spin 5 for Violin and 18 Players (2006)
    Fourth Piano Sonata (2007)
    Synaxis (2007)
    Second Piano Quintet (2008)
    Metagong (2008)
    Time Regained, a fantasy for piano and orchestra (2008)
    It Happens Like This, a dramatic cantata on poems of James Tate (2010)
    Brokeback Mountain, an opera with libretto by Annie Proulx (2012)

Notable students

    Robert Bonfiglio
    Anthony Cornicello
    Michael Daugherty
    Aaron Jay Kernis
    Peter Lieberson
    Tobias Picker
    James Romig
    Arthur Russell

Music: Charles Peter Wuorinen - Piano Variations - Links

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