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Poetry: Lord Byron - Hebrew Melodies - Part 2 - The Wild Gazelle - Oh. Weep For Those - On Jordan's Banks - Links to more Byron


The wild gazelle on Judah's hills
 Exulting yet may bound,
And drink from all the living rills
 That gush on holy ground;
Its airy step and glorious eye
May glance in tameless transport by: --

A step as fleet, an eye more bright,
 Hath Judah witness'd there;
And o'er her scenes of lost delight
 Inhabitants more fair.
The cedars wave on Lebanon,
But Judah's statelier maids are gone!

More blest each palm that shades those plains
 Than Israel's scatter'd race;
For, taking root, it there remains
 In solitary grace:
It cannot quit its place of birth,
It will not live in other earth.

But we must wander witheringly,
 In other lands to die;
And where our fathers' ashes be,
 Our own may never lie:
Our temple hath not left a stone,
And Mockery sits on Salem's throne.


Oh! weep for those that wept by Babel's stream,
Whose shrines are made desolate, whose land a dream;
Weep for the harp of Judah's broken shell;
Mourn -- where their God hath dwelt the Godless dwell!

And where shall Israel lave her bleeding feet?
And when shall Zion's songs again seem sweet?
And Judah's melody once more rejoice
The hearts that leap'd before its heavenly voice?

Tribes of the wandering foot and weary breast,
How shall ye flee away and be at rest!
The wild-dove hath her nest, the fox his cave,
Mankind their country -- Israel but the grave!


On Jordan's banks the Arab's camels stray,
On Sion's hill the False One's votaries pray,
The Baal-adorer bows on Sinai's steep --
Yet there -- even there -- O God! Thy thunders sleep:

There -- where Thy finger scorch'd the tablet stone!
There -- where Thy shadow to Thy people shone!
Thy glory shrouded in its garb of fire:
Thyself -- none living see and not expire!

Oh! in the lightning let Thy glance appear;
Sweep from his shiver'd hand the oppressor's spear:
How long by tyrants shall Thy land be trod!
How long Thy temple worshipless, O God!

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

Hebrew Melodies




Poetry: Lord Byron - Hebrew Melodies - Part 2 - The Wild Gazelle - Oh. Weep For Those - On Jordan's Banks - Links to more Byron

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