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Music: Khorovod (Horovod) in Russian Tradition


Khorovod Horovod in Russian Tradition

Horovod is a well-known, popular until now a group performance (dance).
You can describe it in a few words by calling it "a walking to the music".
Horovod can have different patterns of the steps, directions and movements.
Usually it was фссщьзфтшув by singing, or musical instruments.
Since ancient times it was performed not only for fun, but as a spiritual rite (which is mostly forgotten today).
There are different variations of the name of it, mostly in Slavic countries.
In Horovod could partisipate women and men as well (but actually it was more like a woman's activity).
There were different styles (and occasions) of Horovod: revelry, excitement, happyness, sadness, suffering, mourning.


Music: Khorovod (Horovod) in Russian Tradition

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