domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009

Music: Elliot Smith - Allmost Over - Lyrics

You think I'm unkind
But people aren't the way you think they are
They can't remember all the time
What it was you wanted
They paint you out in straight silhouette
Don't you get the picture yet?
Why you getting all upset?
The worst part's almost over
Three's such a crowd
You ought to tell me what you tell yourself
You ever going to speak it aloud?
Do I have to guess like everyone else?
With an iron will to walk the walk
And a glass jaw that can't be moved to talk
Black eyes always watch the clock
The worst part's almost over
You let yourself be frozen by a doubt
You think I'm mean because I call you out
You don't know what you're about
The worst part's almost over now
The worst part's almost over now, now, now

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