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Photos - Fotos: Bruno Barbey - Portrait of Poland - Part 5 - 13 photos - Links

Czestochowa is a town on the river Warta, dating to the 13th century, which has gained is fame with the miraculous picture of "Our Lady of Czestochowa", the Black Madona, who is said to have saved the Monastery of Jasna Gora after its siege in the 17th century by invading Swedes. 1979

POLAND. Silesia. Town of Czestochowa. 
Annual pilgrimage to the Black Madonna a Franciscan Shrine dedicated to Blessed Mother Mary, revered as the Queen of Peace and Mercy.
Pilgrims having reached the national sactuary after a 7 day journay, on foot. 1981

POLAND. Mazovia region. Warsaw suburb. Praga. East bank of the Vistula. 1981. 
Monument in glory of the Polish Army and the Red Army, but in 1944 Soviet troops remained at Praga for 63 days without helping Polish rebels during the Warsaw uprising against the Nazis

Bruno Barbey 
POLAND. Zalipie, the "painted village" near Ternow. 
Houses are completely painted on the inside and outside by their owners. 1976

Bruno Barbey 
Pomerania region. City of Gdansk. 
General view from the St Mary's Church

Bruno Barbey 
Pomerania region. City of Gdansk

Bruno Barbey 
Region of Karpathian mountains, near Zakopane. 
Peasants going to market at Nowy Targ

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia region. City of Katowice. 
Steel workers in the "Huta Katowice", steel and iron combine

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia region. Near Cracow. 
The "Wieliczka" mine

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia region. 
The changing room in a local mine

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia region. Town of Zamosc, near Lublin

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia region.Town of Poznan

Bruno Barbey 
Silesia (Kalwaria Zebrzyd. village.
On the great festival of the Church's year,pilgrims sleeping in a church

Photos - Fotos: Bruno Barbey - Portrait of Poland - Part 5 - 13 photos - Links

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